Five Things A Mold Inspection Tells You

If you are a consumer wondering what to look for in a mold inspection, prepare to discover several important points sure to benefit you. Before placing an order for a mold inspection, you should consider the reasons to call for one.

The first thing to watch for is an allergic reaction in someone in the environment. This includes itchy eyes, runny nose, and sneezing. With mold, this is often associated with specific areas or rooms in a building. The next most common reason is to check for an old mold or water problem and make sure it is completely fixed. Finally a confirmation there not mold or moisture in a new home before you get in.

1. Proper testing tells you about indoor air quality.

If you are experiencing symptoms associated with mold growth a mold inspection will identify irritants in the air that cause you discomfort. This will help specify whether it is mold or another issue causing your irritation. This is a good way to make sure you are fixing the right problem to deliver the right solution.

2.  A thorough inspection identifies moisture sources.

In the area of mold growth, the presence of water is the essential factor that feeds the growth. When you can remove the sources of water in an area, you are also able to remove the ability for mold to grow. In going through the effort of inspecting for mold, it is always a good idea to focus on hidden sources of water that are out of sight and can be out of mind.

3. A complete mold inspection should update you on the condition of normally hidden areas.

Within any structure, there are as many surfaces out of sight as there are in sight. Ever wall has two sides. With that in mind, a mold inspection will give you key insights into what is going on in the hidden areas of your space. Not only can mold growth cause allergic issues and smells but also decay in wood and crawlspaces.

4. An inspector tells you if you have current or past growth of mold.

Some conditions cause leaks that are not always present. Think about weather changes and even changes in the water table. These types of situations will leave telltale signs of prior mold growth. This is important knowledge because you can use the drier seasons to prevent water from coming back during the wet seasons.

5. A mold assessor tells you more than you can find out yourself.

If you are going to go through the effort and possible expense of obtaining mold testing, you need to find a qualified inspector. There are facts and tricks learned by formal experience that a qualified inspector will know that simply are not common knowledge. As mold growth increases with time, the speed and accuracy of a qualified inspector can be your greatest tool for success.  The mold inspector can also teach you how what to make of the results on the mold analysis report.  By the way, a good inspector will have a habit of teaching.  They will post things to their social media accounts to educate their past and future clients.  Click here for an example of a mold inspector in Tallahassee that does a really a good job on projects and on social media.

When having a person inspect for mold growth in your space be ready to collect at least these five benefits. Now you know what to look for, you will have no problem moving forward in your mold inspection with confidence.  And e sure to select someone properly licensed as a mold assessor in your state.

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